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China SANAN Engineering Construction Corporation
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Founded in 1953, China SANAN Engineering Construction Corporation (China SANAN) is one of the professional installation corporations with state first grade qualification accepted by construction ministry, such as machinery and electricity equipment, intelligentized building manufacture and installation of steel structure, smelting equipment, environment protection, fire protection and external contract project. The mainly completed projects include kinds of large-scale or medium-size industry project, public service installation of various high-rise building, boiler installation, installation of GB sort and GC2 level pressure pipeline, installation and test of special equipment, installation works of external machinery industry equipment and internal international bid project, export equipments, materials and labors for projects described above. The company has national first sort and second sort manufacture certificate and installation certificate of pressure vessel. What’s more, the company obtains national class B certificate in documentation, computation, and standard management, and pass ISO9002 Quality System Certificate.

The head office locates at Xian and sets up branches in Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shandong, Nanning, Xiamen and Malaysia, and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Xinjiang. What’s more, the company set up un-standard equipment process base—metal structure plant and training center of pressure vessel welding accepted by China and joint venture corporation—Santong zinc oxide lightning arrester Company.

The kernel concept of the company is “build high quality project, set up the famous logo in the world”. Nearly half a century the company built up lots of glary monuments in external and internal installation field and earned good reputation. We have won a number of honors and certificates of national structure project, such as “Luban prize of China’s Constructional Projects”, “high quality sample project”, “AAA credit standing certificate”, “China star of installation”, “national enterprise of contract compliance and full credit”, “national customer satisfaction construction enterprise”, “national excellent construction enterprise” and “advanced collectivity” issued by Shanxi province.

Our company had established a set of consummate management system on technology management, quality management, safety management, integrated management of project by more than 40 years development and accumulated rich experience of construction。 We had won more users and occupied more market due to we owned a good construction team with advanced technology, well-equipped, completed detection methods。

Address:No. 49, Xianning middle Road, Xian City, Shanxi
Website: http://www.sanan-aaa.com
E-mail:[email protected] 

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